Catholic Values

Ceremonies & Traditions

Weekly Mass

Our students take turns planning and leading our weekly Masses. Each class adds their own unique touches for the Mass through communion meditations that include songs, skits, and reflections.

Monthly Adoration

On the first Friday of the Month, the entire student body participates in Eucharistic Adoration. Adoration consists of kneeling or sitting in quiet prayer in witness of the Eucharist. This year, we have also started incorporating scripture readings and songs on a rotating basis.

Living Rosary

Our middle school students lead the school in the Living Rosary in the church. As each prayer is said, a candle is lit to represent the prayers throughout the decades. There are readers, singers, and students who “act” out the Glorious Mysteries.

Living Stations

Our 8th graders lead the school and the parish in a moving portrayal of the Passion on Good Friday. They incorporate song, acting out of the Stations, and reflections to help us reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us.

CKS Ceremonies

May Crowning

At the first school Mass of May, our 8th graders, joined by family and friends, lead us in honoring Mary. One student is randomly chosen to crown Mary during a ceremony at the end of Mass.

Feast of Christ the King

We recognize and celebrate our Parish Feast Day. Our students meet in their family groups to make a crown of sorrows and a crown of victory. We then head over to Mass for a prayer service led by the students. Click here for more details.

Morning Assembly

We start every school day together as a community at Morning Assembly. Mr. Seib greets everyone, reads a Bible passage, and shares a reflection. Then, the Student Council members lead the student body in prayer, petitions, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Student birthdays and protectors are also recognized. Then we wrap up our time together by saying our school theme of “Growing as Innovative Leaders Guided by Catholic Values”.


Putting Faith into Action

Catholic Charity Collaborations

Over the past two years, we have learned about and supported many Catholic Charities.

A few of the charities we have donated items and financial support to are St. Elizabeth Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services, Catholic Relief Services, the Holy Family Shelter, the Lord's Pantry, Immigrant and Refugee Services, St. Vincent de Paul, and our own parish Haiti Mission.

The students have collected well over $2,000 overall. We have also donated over 225 pounds of student grown produce from the Saints Isidore and Maria Garden to the St. Vincent De Paul Boulevard Place Food Pantry.

Grade Level Service Projects

Each grade level has a yearly service project. These projects have ranged from a kindergarten lemonade stand where donations are sent to St. Vincent de Paul to 3rd grade handmade scarves and an 8th grade trip to Coats for Kids. Each activity gives our students a chance to collaboratively put their faith in action.


During Holy Week each year, all students participate in act of service. Our middle school students go out to area nonprofits to serve in the morning and then come back to reflect on their experiences in the afternoon. Younger students do a wide variety of projects including picking up trash, writing thank you letters, creating books, and making care packages.

Middle School Service Hours

All middle school students have a service hour requirement each trimester. They provide service to the school and parish, their families, and the community. To help serve the community, every week a rotating group of middle school students heads to Joy's House, the American Village retirement facility, or St. Vincent de Paul.

A.R.K. Society

The A.R.K. (Action, Responsibility, Knowledge) Society is a teacher-led environmental after school club. They have guided the school to be the caretakers for our common home that Pope Francis called for in his encyclical Laudato Si. This year, they have implemented a lunch recycling program that has drastically reduced the amount of trash we throw away each day.


Starting in 5th grade, our students can volunteer to serve at funerals and school and weekend Masses.


We have continued a program called the Christ The King Protectors to recognize students. Teachers, students, and parents fill out a form and send it to the office when they see a student protecting Christ in his/her life, protecting others, or protecting creation.

We read the slips at Morning Assembly. This gives students a chance to be recognized for their positive contributions to the school and to learn from the example of others.

Middle School Speaker Series

Once a month the middle school students gather before Mass to listen to a member of the parish, staff, community, or an alumni to give a witness to their faith. The speakers focus on how they are protectors.

This applies to our previous school theme based on the following Pope Francis quote, “Let us protect Christ in our lives, so we can protect others, so we can protect creation!" This quote is from Pope Francis’s first homily. We have had a wide variety of speakers share their stories with the students. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Mr. Seib.