Annual Events

There are so many wonderful events that happen at CKS! Here are a few examples:

Every new family to CKS gets paired with a veteran mentor family. All of our new families and their mentors come together to have a meal in August after school starts.

Another fundraiser organized by PTO, the Santa Shop gives our students the opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts for their family and friends, while teaching them the importance of money management.

CSW is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the US. This week is celebrated with our Winter Open House, fun out-of-uniform days, and activities that focus on the value that Catholic education provides to our students and its contributions to our church, communities, and nation.

Every fall CKS students in Kindergarten, 4th, and 8th grade celebrate all the important Grandparents in our school community! Our guests that day will join us for a special mass, refreshments, and the opportunity to complete a fun activity in the classrooms.

Each year the CKS book fair creates a sense of excitement among the students and teachers alike. It actually makes kids want to read! Our students will have the opportunity to visit the book fair while at school.

While purchase is not necessary, all book sales help provide the library with many new books, and teachers with books for their classrooms. This in turn allows students access to hundreds of new titles available to them!

This annual fundraiser for the PTO helps to raise money for the school while getting the kids active and walking around our community.

This unique event is a fun-filled day of reading! Students have the opportunity to focus their entire day on reading by silent reading on their own, guest readers from the community stopping, and also some fun literary activities along the way!

CKS partners with the Joseph Maley Foundation to teach understanding and awareness of people with disabilities and fosters respect, empathy, and acceptance of all. Some of the focuses are learning disabilities, blindness/visual impairment, living with autism, and hearing/communication differences.

One of our students’ favorite programs that week are the interactive puppet shows.

Divided up in our “School Families”, we will gather together for a day of FUN competing in events like the egg race, tug-o-war, and water balloon slingshot!

Every October our school participates in Red Ribbon Week which is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness campaign. Our Student Council leads the charge in educating our students on making healthy choices while participating in some fun out-of-uniform themed days.